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Who are we?
The National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF), also known as the Commission, represents the commitment of the Cameroonian State to respect and promote all human rights, throughout the territory of Cameroon.
The Commission is an independent institution for consultation, monitoring, evaluation, dialogue, concerted action, promotion and protection in the domain of human rights.
What do we do?
The Commission, generally speaking, is an independent national institution with the mission to promote and protect human rights. Accordingly, the Commission takes up all alleged cases of violations of human rights, denounced or not, and decides objectively to place a check on such violations, punish the guilty parties and get the public authorities to take action and effective decisions.
The Commission, with technical support from its specialized units for Promotion, Protection, and Observation, Investigation and Alert, identifies and responds to current human rights issues after a careful study of the cases presented and puts in place appropriate strategies for research, education, awareness and communication throughout the national territory.
Since the Government is the first guarantor of the protection of human rights, the role of the Commission is to assist by making available their stock of knowledge, know-how and recommendations through technical training and the yearly publication of a Report on the State of Human Rights in Cameroon. Thus, the Commission is actively involved in the administration of justice, legislative reforms, human rights education, the electoral process ... to help the Government to implement international human rights standards.