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The National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms does much to maintain peace in Cameroon through many actions under the protection and promotion of human rights. These activities, whose impact can be measured in the short term and long term, include:

  • awareness-raising campaigns aimed at empowering people to reaffirm and demand the application of their fundamental rights
  • the fight against sexual violence and violations of child rights
  • strengthening respect for human rights at all levels of society
  • building the capacity of government, civil society and NGOs for them to better meet their human rights obligations and respect for the rule of law
  • visiting places of detention throughout the national territory
  • legal and judicial reforms for the security sector and the prison system
  • etc.

The Commission operates already in eight regions of the country and has teams that work in close collaboration with CSOs, NGOs, NHRIs and other partners.
Every year the Commission produces an activity report and another report on the state of human rights in Cameroon and makes recommendations to the public authorities, so there can be respect for human rights everywhere, and for peace to be maintained in Cameroon.