Working Group on Civil and Political Rights

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The Working Group 1, which is responsible for matters and policy on civil law, deals with:

  • arbitrary arrests and detentions
  • access to justice
  • detention conditions
  • gender equality
  • custody conditions
  • respect for privacy and family life
  • right to life
  • right to physical and moral integrity
  • right to identity
  • right to vote (participation in the management of public affairs)
  • right to a fair trial
  • right to safety
  • right to self-determination
  • cases of mob justice
  • freedom of movement
  • freedom of conscience
  • freedom of the press
  • freedom of opinion
  • freedom of association, assembly and demonstration
  • freedom of communication
  • freedom of worship and religion
  • freedom of association
  • governance and human rights.

This working group's role is to assist the Chairperson of the NCHRF in decision-making. It has an average of seven members, headed by a Chairperson, who is assisted by a rapporteur.
The working group is composed of the following members:

  • Barrister  KAMGA NOUTCHOGOUIN Laurette (Chairperson)
  • Mr BOBIOKONO Christophe (Rapporteur)
  • Sen. ABOUBAKARY Abdoulaye
  • Ms  MENGUE Suzanne
  • Mr ABBO Ahmadou