1. 927 complaints filed in 2020
  2. 566 complaints handled
  3. 1,010 letters sent (to 363 administrative authorities, 344 persons, 263 Civil Society Organisations and 40 companies)
  4. 510 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) got affiliated to the NCHRF (62 new CSOs and 448 existing CSOs)
  5. A Freedoms Observatory was created bringing together 241 CSOs in Cameroon (and its regulations were adopted in October 2020)
  6. CSOs organised 9 events (with input from the Commission)
  7. Five human rights awareness-raising events were organised with MINPROFF, MINTSS, MINJEUN, MINCOM, MINPOSTEL, SED, CONSUPE, MINTP and the Governor's Office of the Centre Region
  8. Seven Statements issued on the International Days of Human and Peoples' Rights
  9. 13 press releases were issued (eight following the monthly coordination meetings of Chairpersons and Rapporteurs of working groups and five in response to human rights news in Cameroon)
  10. Six investigative visits to prisons in Cameroon (to verify the application of the presidential decree on commuting and remitting prison sentences).